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About Web Dojo

Web Dojo is a team of web and content developers who write about and develop code for Microsoft's SharePoint servers, ASP.NET and a range of other technologies. SharePoint can make your organisation more agile, more balanced, and more responsive to changing conditions, but it's a complex and subtle product, and you need experts to help you install, configure, and customise it to your needs.

For example, SharePoint is a great tool for creating portals for your information workers and there's a great deal of functionality out of the box. Can you be sure that users are helped and not impeded by your configuration? Do they have to spend extra time editing documents because the out-of-the-box workflow isn't quite what they need? Can they find the documents or people they need quickly? Do they need custom Web Parts to display data in an insightful way?

Web Dojo consultants can help with:

  • Office 365 configuration and customization
  • Configuration of collaborative portals, intranet and extranet sites.
  • Web Content Management systems and accessible custom-facing sites.
  • Advanced search configurations.
  • Custom solutions from individual Web Parts to complete, branded, unique applications.
  • Integration with other technologies, such as Google Maps.

Web Dojo consultants also specialise in communicating about ASP.NET and SharePoint. They write documentation and courseware for Microsoft and other customers and they work with the latest upates, usually well before the release date.